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Sentinel Suite of Microservices

Automated, Scalable Entity Resolution and Mapping

Sentinel is FirstParty’s Software Platform, leveraging best-in-class data science, software, and subject matter expertise to automate and expedite the most time consuming and difficult aspects of extracting insight from complex and massive datasets.

Financial Report

Data Solutions

FirstParty brings a world-class team of data experts and an unparalleled body of knowledge, techniques, and tools that unlock enterprise value from data

The FirstParty team, comprised of experts with decades of experience in building live, maintainable, successful data products, will construct a methodology, data pipeline, and tangible data product that can be directly monetized through data sales, used as part of general go-to-market outreach, or leveraged for internal use.

Data Rights & Compliance

Critical to working with any 1st party dataset, especially with the intent to monetize with external buyers, is understanding what you can/can't do with your own data. At a high level, the evaluation typically takes on several primary considerations and our Data Rights Advisory Team will provide insight and best practices around ethically sourcing data and eliminating all PII.

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Data Experts

FirstParty’s Data Experts as a Service (DEaaS) offering is ideal for clients who need to supplement and complement the technical horsepower of their own internal teams.  DEaaS allows clients to leverage a Flexible Consumption Model (FCM) in order to obtain the talent needed for specific initiatives, under the direction of the client directly, or in partnership with FirstParty to co-manage the success of an initiative. ​


Subscription content that empowers functional leaders with proven best practices.

With research insight, you have direct access to a full library of industry-specific reports. With a subscription-based product, you have full access to the reports to ensure the information meets your criteria.

When focusing on a specialized vertical, it becomes vitally important that the research you acquire is as in-depth, detailed, and accurate as possible. Investing in a market research subscription will not only give you the quantity of information that you need, but will also guarantee the value and quality of specialized research that is imperative to the success of your projects. Research licensing enabling members of organizations to share and use research.

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