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Sentinel Suite of Microservices

Sentinel is FirstParty’s Software Platform, leveraging best-in-class data science, software, and subject matter expertise to automate and expedite the most time consuming and difficult aspects of extracting insight from complex and massive datasets.
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Entity Linking

Is an automated and scalable ML solution that sits on top of a hierarchical reference table, allowing anyone to identify company, brands, and products contained within transaction data and resolve them to public and private companies and brands within milliseconds.

It seamlessly combines a continuous integration / continuous deployment pipeline with best-in-class natural language processing techniques to deliver results with more accuracy, more granularity, and more speed than traditional ML approaches have been able to achieve.


An easy-to-use API allows Entity Linking clients to integrate this capability into their data pipeline to instantly enable structure, consistency, and incremental use cases within any relevant dataset.

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Report Generator

Is a flexible and modular software tool that allows for FirstParty’s clients to leverage FirstParty’s rich and sophisticated catalog of data visualization techniques, metadata enrichment, and subject-matter expertise to produce white-labeled, ready-for-distribution reports designed to maximize insight into the data’s trends. These reports allow for the data to be consumed by an audience that might not possess the technical sophistication required to ingest a raw data asset and can work well for internal utilization as well as external monetization initiatives. ​


In addition to being standalone products, these reports also serve as excellent go-to-market collateral to speak to high-value use cases of a data asset.

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Software For Your Data.

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