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Software Engineer II - REMOTE

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New York, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Software Engineer II

As a member of FirstParty’s technology and delivery team, you will be responsible for creating innovative outcomes and solving a wide variety of solutions for internal product advancement and client success. Your collaboration with team members will reach across the technology organization and influence our in-house products along with building software for our clients' business functions.

You will be responsible for creating meaningful code for front, middle, and backend applications, along with helping the design, development, implementation and support of complex software for internal and client products.

You will be responsible for the ownership of design and development of new products such as front end interfaces using ReactJS and other languages.

You will demonstrate strong organizational skills while assuming ownership of multiple tasks at the same time.

You will exemplify a team-first and mission focused mentality by enthusiastically completing any tasks that are necessary to meet objectives across the business. Proactive communication is critical to ensure that client and company needs are properly prioritized and met in all phases of a project.



  • Practiced experience with Python, and Java/C++/TypeScript/JavaScript

  • Strong data structures and algorithms experience

  • Ability to communicate with a non-technical audience and distill technical requirements

  • Experience with serverless (AWS Cloud) architecture and design

  • Demonstrated experience building scalable software

  • Database design, including Redshift and Postgres

  • Demonstrated experience leveraging open source and managed cloud services to deliver products

  • Familiar with AWS CDK and CodePipline

  • Experience with using Tensorflow or other machine learning libraries to train machine learning models

  • ReactJS Experience

  • Experience with Jupyter Notebooks

About the Company

At FirstParty, we believe all companies have aspirations to derive more value from their data - but most lack the ability. FirstParty is the market leading data, technology and professional services firm that specializes in providing businesses with the capabilities to successfully organize, utilize and monetize their data assets. We identify value in data and help businesses unlock its full potential leveraging decades of acquired domain expertise, proven techniques and extensible suite of data tools. Led by proven founders of high-growth industry leading companies, our clients range from some of the most recognized Fortune 500 companies to growth-stage and private-equity backed organizations where we aim to “change the relationship” each has with their data.

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