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Data Experts as a Service

DEaaS allows our partners to leverage our incredible talent to solve for their most critical data initiatives in a risk mitigated and cost-controlled manner
Demand for Data Experts is higher than ever due to the strategic priority all companies have placed on data initiatives and the scarcity of proven talent available in the market that can be hired to help execute. Designed to deliver fast, seamless, economical access to the best-in-class data experts, FirstParty’s Data Experts as a Service (DEaaS) offers a flexible and scalable engagement model that includes:

On-demand access to FirstParty’s deep bench of technical talent


A risk mitigated and cost-controlled service to close skill gaps


The ability to easily expand the capacity of your team and accelerate data initiatives to insight with agility

How It Works

FirstParty’s Data Experts partner side by side with your internal technologists and business stakeholders
to execute on projects that drive immediate impact and value



Consultants deployed through our Center of Data Excellence (COE), via a customer-centric, flexible consumption model.


FP provides oversight, continuous education, and support for all Data Experts, enabling your organization to fully utilize their subject matter expertise.


Clearly defined knowledge transfer from our work. Project completion in a risk-mitigated and cost-controlled manner.

Our Process

DEaaS allows clients to leverage a Flexible Consumption Model (FCM) in order to engage consultants needed for specific initiatives, under their direction or in partnership with FirstParty to co-manage the success of an initiative. By leveraging a FCM, you have the ability to modify the terms of the engagement, as needed. FirstParty's Center of Excellence (COE) provides oversight for all Data Experts who work with our client partners. 


First Party Data Experts include:

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